Learn to Play Chess Programme


Our Learn To Play Chess programme is a comprehensive, structured and modular programme where young children, as young as 5 years of age can learn Chess in a fun and engaging manner.  They will start learning about the game, the pieces, their movements, simple capture and defending of their pieces and the various fundamental aspects of the game such as check, checkmate and stalemate.

The later modules will focus on simple checkmate tactics and strategies including Opening, Middle Game and End Game principles. The eventual approach is to help them learn and appreciate the game and eventually inculcate good values from learning Chess.  Thinking skills is an important trait chess helps to promote. Thinking in Chess requires a patient mind and it is not about pushing your pieces. Chess helps children ask probing questions.

We supplement our Learn To Play Chess Programme with thematic courses and focus group trainings. Some of these thematic courses cover a deeper understanding on the introduction, principles and essentials on Opening, Middle game and End game. There are special courses to prepare children for competitions in local and international chess events. We conduct lectures on Laws of Chess as well.


Our Beginners Course targets young children who do not have any knowledge of the game. They will start from learning the squares, ranks and files on the chessboard and thereafter they will be introduced to the game, the pieces, the movements, the value of the pieces and simple checkmates. This course is also suitable for children who pick up the game from their parents or friends as although they are able to make simple moves,  they are required to learn the basic fundamental aspects of the game in a structured manner. There shall be both theory and practical lessons to enable them to put into practice what they learnt during the course. At the end of the course the students will be assessed to determine their suitability to progress to the next level.

We have children starting as young as 5 years of age. At the end of the course the children should be able to play a simple game.


The Chess Checkmate Techniques and Patterns Course is the second module in our group enrichment program. Trainees should have preferably completed our Beginners Course. Student starts learning the importance and benefits of Chess Notations.  They will learn basic checkmates with Queen and Rook against lone King; Two Rooks against lone King; Queen against lone King; Rook and King against lone King among more common checkmate patterns.


Our Chess Principles Course introduces our children to important principles in Chess Openings, the Middle game and the End game. They will learn how to optimize piece placements to acquire advantages in the game. Traps will be covered to help our trainees avoid disadvantages in the game.


Chess Tactics 1 targets children who have learnt the foundation of chess principles. They will be introduced to the importance, strength and weaknesses of different pawn structures, how to best utilize them in the middle game and end game. There will be a chapter on Chess Thinking Skills, which prepares our trainees to equip themselves with several fundamental but essential Chess tactics like the Pin, Skewer, Double Attacks and others.


Our Chess Tactics 2 is a continuation of the Intermediate 1 Course. Our students will learn more complicated yet very useful tactics and strategies like Decoy, Deflection, Interference, Clearances among others. There will be practices for them to familiarize with these Tactical patterns to improve their ability to recognize and utilize these Tactics.


Chess Tactics 3 takes Tactics to the next level where complex calculation and combination will be taught to our students. They will learn how tactics can be used both offensively and defensively. Lessons include Tactical Combinations, Invasion of Squares, Defensive Tactics, Under-promotion and more.