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Welcome to our Training Softwares SHOP. To complement our exciting training programs, we stock a wide range of training softwares on CDs and VCDs. They have proven to be very popular and especially, the many programs for young children and young beginners. Besides being instructional, these programs also incorporate many interactive training structures to actively engage users. Each CD or VCD normally contain thousand of exercises to sharpen the skills of young chess players. We welcome enquires and we will extend attractive price support for schools , clubs and organizations.

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This excellent tactics course has been voted more than once by the chess experts as the best training program on chess tactics. CT-ART is an indispensable training tool for intermediate players. This latest version includes an updated user interface and adds 1,000 training exercises/puzzles (2,200 basic exercises and 1,800 auxiliary exercises in total).

Improve your chess tactics skills by studying, and solving the carefully selected chess puzzles in CT-ART 4.0. Its ease of use let’s you focus on what matters most: Your improvement.

CT-ART 4.0 sports a unique hint system: if you can’t solve a puzzle, you will be offered a similar position featuring all the main ideas of the original one – but on a 5×5 board.

61nz2bnqf9kl-_sy355_CT-ART. MATING COMBINATIONS

CT-ART. Mating Combinations is a perfect chess training tool for practicing mate combinations.

The theorerical part is given under the iBook section of the program – in the form of an interactive book. The most interesting positions can be viewed on the additional board and played against the built-in chess program.

The training course is prepared by the famous coach Victor Khenkin and includes 1200 instructive examples on 14 topics, each of them illustrates the peculiarities of using certain pieces for mating combinations and 700 exercises (chess puzzles). The program will give hints if you make a wrong move.

kingi-600x450-275x236ATTACK ON THE KING I

One of the best ways to improve your chess skills is to solve problems from real games, and computer chess courses make this easier than ever. When you already know how to mate in 1 move, you should move on and learn how to mate in 2 moves!

This chess course includes 33,000 training exercises from masters’ games. In every exercise you will need to find the attack on the king.

All exercises are taken from practical games and arranged according to the names of pieces and difficulty levels, making this a course excellent tool for quick chess tactics training tool for both beginners and club players.

attack-king-2-d-2__30576-1423072723-500-500ATTACK ON THE KING II

This course includes more than 2500 exercises for mating in 3 or 4 moves. You will have to use your fantasy and precise calculation in order to find a correct way of attacking the king.

After going through this course you are sure to improve your skills and abilities considerably and will not miss an opportunity to employ a nice little combination in a practical game of your own. The program is intended both for club players and intermediate players.

All the exercises are taken from practical games and arranged according to the names of pieces and difficulty levels.

All the exercises are taken from practical games and arranged according to the names of pieces and difficulty levels. A great number of exercises makes the course an excellent tool for quick training both beginners and club players.

chessok-ele-combo-2__49461-1423073125-500-500ELEMENTARY CHESS COMBINATIONS

Every beginning chess player needs to study simple tactical methods and learn how to employ them. Th Elementary Combinations course is designed for exactly this purpose and includes more than 5000 exercises (chess puzzles) for beginners on the following chess tactics:

  • fork
  • pin
  • double check
  • discovered check
  • annihilation of the opponent’s king defense
  • exploiting a back (1st) rank weakness

This training course is a perfect tactics drill for beginners and club player! After going through this course you will never miss an elementary combination and will be able to improve your play considerably.


The training exercises of this course are based on carefully selected positions from practical games, endgame studies as well as specially designed training examples.

Chess Tactics for Intermediate Players is based on the bestseller textbook “Manual of Chess Combinations II” by Ivashchenko.

The course includes about 1200 tactical problems classified according to topics and difficulty.

Various visual hints are provided if you play the wrong move when doing an exercise.

Course content:

  1. Mating combinations
  2. Pinning combinations
  3. Distraction
  4. Decoying
  5. Decoying
  6. Damming
  7. Blockade
  8. Annihilation of defence
  9. Discovered attack
  10. Clearing the space
  11. Opening of file (rank, diagonal)
  12. The double attack
  13. X-ray attack
  14. Demolition of pawn structure
  15. Conjunction of tactical methods
  16. Using of passed pawn
  17. Maneuvers
  18. Exchange
  19. Theoretical positions
  20. Studies

chess_combinations_for_club_playersCHESS COMBINATIONS FOR CLUB PLAYERS

Combinations for Club players is an indispensable chess training tool for club players. Solve carefully picked chess puzzles and improve your skills. The simplicity of the training process lets you focus on what matters most: your improvement.

The course includes more than 2000 chess exercises on the following topics:

  • “annihilation of defense”
  • “decoy”
  • “interception”
  • “distraction”


A fundamental course on chess tactics, CT-ART for Beginners. This course can be rightfully considered the predecessor to the Chess Tactics ART (CT-ART) course written for club and intermediate players. CT-ART for Beginners contains 150 teaching examples introducing you to typical chess combinations and 1500 new exercisesmeant to develop your playing skills and reinforce the knowledge acquired. The exercises are classified according to more than 30 tactical methods and motifs.

All exercises are designed for beginners already familiar with the chess rules, but club players may also find them useful.