Thematic Programmes

Our Approach to Chess Competitions Programme is aimed at helping young children better prepare for competitions and it is suitable even for children who have taken part in many competitions. The programme will be conducted by an experienced player,  arbiter and organizer. The programme will focus on topics such as Chess Basics, Opening Strategies, Approach to Middle Game, Endgame Theories and Tactics and FIDE Laws of Chess including the conduct of players and arbiters.  The Course shall close with a mini-chess competition among the course participants enabling them to put into practise what they learnt.

Our Opening Essentials Programme targets those who have at least completed our Learn to Play Chess Programme – Elementary 2 Course. The programme will illustrate how the Opening Principles are applied in popular Openings. It will also pin point potential opportunities and problems in development which can lead to very early applications of tactics. Trainees will be introduced to various Opening traps to improve their awareness against early tricks. To cap off the Course, trainees will be advised on how to choose a suitable opening depending on their playstyle, preferred middlegame structures and complexity.

Our Middlegame Strategies Programme provides the trainees with guidelines to analyze a position based on the pawn structure, piece activity and placement and the concept of space. The Course will highlight different approaches to the middlegame, how to improve the positions, play with material advantage, play with space advantage. The Course will also touch on chess planning and long-term understanding of  different chess positions. There will be several practicing sessions where our trainees will play out different preset positions that require the applications of their middlegame understandings.

Our Endgame Essentials Programme introduces the trainee to the highly complex endgame. The Course will bring about different types of endgames: Bishop against Knight, Rook and pawn against Rook, different coloured Bishop. Trainees will also learn several endgame studies, positions by Grandmasters, with guidelines to assist their understanding. The Course will greatly help to provide our trainees with the knowledge of many endgame patterns that may help to ease out their endgame greatly.