2016 Year End Holiday Programme

It is the time of the year again, to put aside your school text books and learn something more fun. Our Academy will be conducting our modular and structured ‘Learn to Play Chess Programmes’. These shall beintensive week long programmes from Mondays to Fridays and 3 hours daily except for the Beginners module which will be 2.5 hours per day.
Week 1:     21/11/16 – 25/11/16
Week 2:     28/11/16 –  2/12/16
Week 3:      5/12/16 –   9/12/16
Week 4:     12/12/16 – 16/12/16
Week 5:     19/12/16 – 23/12/16
Week 6:     26/12/16 – 30/12/16
Time – Commencing  : 10.00 am;    2.00 pm;    6.00 pm
Confirmed classes:
Week  1 – Introduction to Openings,  10 am
                   Critical Thinking in Chess, 10 am
                   Beginners, 10 am
                   Elementary 1, 10 am
Week 2 – Beginners, 10 am
                   Elementary 1, 10 am
                   Elementary 2, 10 am
                   Intermediate 1, 10 am
Week 3 – Beginners, 10 am
                   Critical Thinking in Chess, 10 am
                   Critical Thinking in Chess, 2 pm
                   Opening Essentials, 10 am
Week 4 – Elementary 1, 10 am
Week 5 – Elementary 1, 10 am
                  Beginners, 10 am
At the same time we are conducting 4 Thematic Programmes:

Introduction to Openings

Students will learn the important principles of Openings. Chess Openings lay the foundation of every chess game. You will learn the setup and ideas behind common openings including: move orders of different variations, general structures, critical squares and key development moves. Each opening has a very different play style. This module is suitable for Elementary to Intermediate level students.

Introduction to Endgame

Students will learn basic concepts behind endgames: pawn promotion, positioning and activities of King and other pieces. They will also learn several endgame techniques, patterns to both defend and attack in simple endgames. This module is also recommended for Elementary to Intermediate level students.

Opening Essentials

Students will learn advanced Opening concepts (following up on our Introduction to Openings): key weaknesses, positional and tactical patterns and considerations. They will also learn in depth some of the most popular openings. Recommended for students who have done our Introduction to openings module and suitable for Intermediate and Developmental level students.

Critical Thinking in Chess

Students will learn to apply critical thinking skills (problem identification, classification, resource gathering, weighing possibilities and deriving solutions) through a step-by-step approach to chess planning and positional assessments, both in attack and defend. Recommended for students who are in Intermediate and Developmental level and from 10 years or older.

Registration forms:
For Enquries, please call 91501159 (Janet) or 91123608(Philip) or email to us at info@chessacademy.com.sg