March 2017 Holiday Programme

The March School Holiday is around the corner . Our Academy will be conducting our modular and structured ‘Learn to Play Chess Programmes’. These programmes are suitable for young children from as young as 5 years old up to 12 years of age.

We will also be conducting Thematic Programmes on the following topics:

Introduction to Openings: Students will learn how Opening Principles are applied; the several main lines of popular Openings and different Opening Traps. There will be Practices to expose students to positions and ideas behind the Openings learnt.

Opening Essentials: Students will learn advanced Opening concepts (following up on our Introduction to Openings): key weaknesses, positional and tactical patterns and considerations. They will also learn in depth some of the most popular openings.

Middle Game Strategies: Participants will learn how to analyse middle game positions based on fundamental concepts of Materials, Space and Structures. They will learn how to play and improve from such positions. The course includes short term and long term planning towards the Endgames.

Introduction to Endgame: Students will learn concepts of basic endgames; how to win with material and positional advantage and the importance of pawn structures. They will also learn how to play from difficult positions and improve on them.

Each intensive module shall be carried out over a period of 5 days and a duration of 3 hours per day from Monday to Friday 13th to 17th March.

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