5th Ang Mo Kio WEC All Women & Invitational

Once again about 120 participants turned up at the Ang Mo Kio CC for the annual Chess Challenge celebrating Women’s International Day. The number would have been much more if not for the fact that the schools’ CA/SA test were slated for the next day. The organisers were nevertheless impressed with the participants’ performances and support. There was hardly a protest nor the usual wrong results. Trophies were also a plenty to encourage our young participants. There were three categories all in – a) Open b) Challengers and Invitational (Men/Boys).

This year also saw para-participants taking part for the first time. We salute their achievement that nothing is impossible. We too celebrate the Extraordinary, the theme of the 2015 ASEAN Para Games held in Singapore last year.

The top prize went to Women International Master Gong Qianyun. The Vice-Chairman of the CC Women Executive Committee Miss Koh Hui Ngoh presented the prizes to the winners.

More photos of the events

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